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The internet is a treasure trove of information and data. Not only are you able to find how-to articles that help you build or make repairs but you can connect with friends worldwide and read the latest news. Today, it is easier to find information on the internet thanks to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. To come up with competitive keywords, many are turning to a keyword research tool like Jaaxy.

Every person has a different way of searching for information via search engines. There are those who will type in a full sentence inform of a question while others will use a short phrase composed of two to five words.

You may be wondering how search engines are able to find specific pages out of the billions of pages already indexed. - It's all down to the keywords we use. 

What is Jaaxy keyword tool?

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Jaaxy is an online subscription based platform that allows website owners and online marketers to search for valuable information regarding a specific niche. The platform also helps to build keyword lists, find keywords that convert and access to real traffic estimates and more.

A lot of  KW tools wastes time and money, Jaaxy keyword tool provides keywords that convert plus those used by your competitors.

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Jaaxy's Key Features

As a website owner, you probably heard that content is king. Yes, in today’s world, information is very powerful. Not only does it help to inform and educate but it aids with decision making now and in the future.

Keyword research

 Jaaxy features a 'seed' keyword research tool that creates a list of relevant keywords. The list that Jaaxy returns has a quick visual reference for you to find suitable keywords. The keywords are ranked with a traffic light system that allows you to quickly see which in the list will be relatively simple or challenging to rank for. 

Brainstorm Niche finder

If you're not quite sure of what niche you want to enter, Jaaxy has a brainstorm section which shows trending search terms across major search engines. Trends are picked up from Google trends, Yahoo buzz, Alexa,  and Twitter.

Affiliates may also be glad to know that Amazon best sellers is also pulled through with Jaaxy.com brainstoeming ideas.

Alphabet Soup Google Instant

This is a cool feature available on the Jaaxy platform that gives you a whole bunch of instant keywords when you are stuck for. Camping may be my seed keyword and going through the 'soup' on letter 'b' we get camping, burner, butane, brick, boot camp, boys camp etc.  

Moving the ​blue dot brings up other letters in the alphabet that Jaaxy matches with your target keyword. Using this method is a great way to tap into some low hanging keywords that may be missed by other search tools like google adwords and keyword planner. 

Store and export lists

Jaaxy offers users the ability to store and export the keyword list generated to a local storage drive or save it directly on the jaaxy servers. This ensures users will always have immediate access to their saved keyword list. 

Reveals low competition keywords

Low competition keywords are great if you are a newbie website owner. High competition keywords are saturated and will require you to spend a lot to attract traffic. Jaaxy gives you a few ways to filter through the keywords generated. 

One thing that I've noticed when researching keywords is that what I think peeps use as search terms isn't to be trusted... trust the data.​ Drug rehab treatment centers 181 searches per month,  whereas drug alcohol rehab centers have over 34'000 searches!

How the interface works 

As said earlier, Jaaxy is the only keyword research tool that you need not only to research keywords, niches and domains but to tap into underserved markets too. When you sign into the Jaaxy website you'll be glad to see that's it's not as complex as many other tools but don't let it's clean simple look fool you. . Once you do so, you can select to subscribe to Jaaxy basic or Jaaxy Enterprise.

Researching with Jaaxy

Jaaxy is straightforward to use especially if you have tried other keyword research tools. The platform can help you find keywords, domains and niches. Once you research, a list of keywords, domains and niche tdls, can be further researched and purchased directly on the screen.

The search tab is where the image was taken with the results from a single seed word entered. Alphabet soup we've spoken about, saved lists are able to be created on the fly, search history does  just what it says on the tin. Search analysis shows the top 10 sites for that particular keyword and gives info on backlinks, meta description, KW density and more. The Affiliate programs tab lets you know if there are affiliate programs targeting that same keyword or niche. 

You will notice on the actual white header labels:

  • Keywords - Which just above the actual list. you can tick the boxes next to any of the keywords on the page and add them to a 'particular' KW list you create.  
  • Avg - is the average number of searches that the keyword receives in a month.
  • Traffic - Gives you an indication of visitors you'll get if you rank on the first page for said keyword. 
  • QSR - Quotes Search Results, this shows the number of websites ranked in google for the exact same keyword.
  • KQI - Keyword Quality Indicator a simple traffic light system, with green for good, yellow for ok and red for poor keywords to go after. 
  • SEO - A score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score the more likely you are to rank on the first page of google (1-100) = the higher the better.
  • Domains - Availability of domains available that are related to the keyword. 

Who Is Jaaxy for?

Beginners - As a new website owner, it is important to select the right niche and domain before you develop any content or website. Once you sign up with Jaaxy, as a beginner, you can opt to use the trial offer. This will allow you to learn the many features of keywords researching. Furthermore, excellent support is available and if you have any question, you can have answers improving your decision making.

The search results Jaaxy brings back are real user queries and in real time. Look at the search box below,  you'll see people just you are searching for their best niche keywords right now! 

What keyword would you search and try to rank for? Have a real time search on Jaaxy below... 

Intermediate - Intermediate users already know how to research for a keyword. They probably used other platforms both free and paid. This does not mean that they are familiar with Jaaxy. It may have features not available on other platforms. Still, intermediate users can go ahead and select the basic subscription that costs $19 per month.

Advanced users - Advanced users are experienced and probably don’t need to contact support just because they are stuck. They know how to research different keyword variations even LSI’s. Advanced users know who their competitors are and thanks to Jaaxy, they will be looking for ways to stay ahead. The best choice for advanced users is the Enterprise version especially if they have a large business. This will provide access to tons of features not available in Trial and Basic version.

Jaaxy Price

There is a trial version where you get access to Jaaxy basic for 30 searches. The basic program costs $19 a month with an upgrade to enterprise at a costs of $49 a month.

Pro's & Cons

  • Jaaxy is offered in three pricing modes – Free, Basic and Enterprise
  • You can earn credits for referring new members
  • Lots of useful realtime information on 1 screen
  • Training and support is offered
  • It's very fast and efficient
  • The trial only allows 30 keyword searches
  • Only one user has access to the account. 

Jaaxy Keywoord Tool Summary

Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that allows you to find competitive niches and domains with ease. It is available with three pricing modes – Trial, Basic and Enterprise. Jaaxy can reveal which keywords are competitive to rank for and which are not thanks to the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator).

It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. and had a lot of very useful extra add-ons like the brainstormer and alphabet soup. The only reason it gets a 9 is the 30 trial searches don't show all your results and it is a monthly subscription.

Website Home Page
Product/Site Owners
Front End Price
Our Rating

Kyle & Carson WA
$19:00 standard license

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